HBL - RIP - Colonel Mustard with the Axe in the Beehive

HBL - RIP - Colonel Mustard with the Axe in the Beehive

For the younger of our set see above picture.

Well no surprise there!! Health Benefits Ltd (HBL) were always looking like a sad affair with a very challenging brief from the Ministry, while lurking in the shadows the Empire Alliance were waiting and plotting their rise to power. I’ve got that feeling of déjà vu oh yes!   I wrote about this in August 2012 and predicted that this may not be a pretty outcome.

August 2012 : Then on the other side was the discussion regarding Medical Device Procurement which ranged from the Australian perspective to the tripartite approach of PHARMAC, HBL and healthAlliance.  It sounds like a painful process to me and when there are three parties in the picture there is often one that seems to get hurt and in this case it is probably not one of them but the suppliers.  Certainly something that will unfold over the next 12 months.

Well now this  needs to settle and the suppliers dust themselves off and get back to working with healthAlliance which is now heavily tasked with making the savings that the Ministry wants and to save face as well. And what about those that have invested in the GS1 product identification process that was politely promoted as necessary for the hospital catalogue? Where is the compensation for this additional cost that has to be absorbed? There will be one major international supplier that will be happy that they stuck to their guns and didn’t play.

Well healthAlliance is back in the driving seat and contract negotiations will be in full swing with most suppliers and you will be being asked by healthAlliance to ensure that their clinical staff are using your product and complying to the terms of the contract.  … WHAT THE….  When I get a WOF for my car Vehicle Inspection NZ don’t take the responsibility for keeping my car compliant for the next 12 months? Surely this is the responsibility of the purchaser? How long will the health sector want to reduce their costs of goods and services but not take the responsibility to do their part but appear to need more staff to administer the process?

There has to be some good news  . . Oh yes ANZTPA

Colonel Mustard with the scissors in the Outback.



- Gary Beattie

Managing Director