A key part of who we are at Synergy, is working to get to know what your job ‘deal breakers’, or your ‘non-negotiables’, and how we can help you find these in your next role. This exercise grew out of Gary’s passion for career guidance and is designed to start you thinking about what is most important for you in your job.

Approach this exercise by writing down what is essential in each of the areas as succinctly as possible, then you will end up with a profile that shows what you enjoy. Don’t over think this! If you have to think hard about anything then maybe it is not that important.

Once you have identified these key motivators (deal-breakers or non-negotiables), it is much easier to find the right job. You can also use these key motivators during the interview process, to find out if a role is going to meet your needs and give you the job satisfaction you are looking for.

We have also included a step two, focused on how you can use these key motivators to do industry research and find out more about what a certain job involves. Helping you to build the picture of the role, will show you to find out if you can see yourself in the role.

Remember this is an exercise for you and you alone. It might help you today or not become pertinent until sometime into the future.

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